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Are you an avid fan of the Brooklyn Nets? Do you have an opinion you would like to share? Fill out the application below and join Nets Daily News today! The following positions are currently available:


Brooklyn Nets Columnist – At Nets Daily News, we give writers the opportunities to compose articles that showcase their opinions and analysis, providing them freedom to choose their own topics. This approach has helped bring the best out of our writers. All articles are edited by our editing staff to make sure the final product is error-free and easy to understand. Weekly articles tend to be 400-700 words.

Brooklyn Nets Beat Reporter – Although adding analysis to news and breaking down what each major move a team is important, the purpose of reporters is to provide a quick and professional recap of news and games. Articles usually range from 150-300 words.


Editor – Joining Nets Daily News as an editor gives individuals a unique opportunity to edit engaging and entertaining content before it is published. Editors need to familiarize themselves with the site features and prior WordPress and blogging experience is recommended.


Graphic Designer – Edit pictures and work on different ways we can present the material being published on the site in a more professional and unique manner. A graphic designer will process requests from writers and create featured images for articles when appropriate.

Marketing Associate – As a marketing associate, you will be supporting cutting-edge integrated marketing strategies while learning fundamental marketing skills. You will be working in an incredibly fast-moving business, and have the opportunity to make valuable contributions.

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